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Everything Happens For A Reason … Right?

I’ve always been a firm believer in “Everything Happens for a Reason”.  Sometimes, though, the answer to the simple question of “WHY?” just can’t be good enough.  There are times when I wonder what’s worse:  Having someone you love alive and physically in your life, but knowing they are suffering from a monstrous disease or having them leave the physical world, but know they are relieved of the suffering and pain that they were once in.  I guess it all comes down to Selfishness … it’s selfish to know someone is suffering and in pain, but want them here with you … right?  I keep telling myself he’s in a better place now, with people we both loved and whom I still miss greatly in this life.  Why do I miss him more?  Why is his death harder for me than my grandparents?  It’s not fair for him to be taken at the young age of 25.  I’m going to be 25 in just a few months … Maybe that’s why I’m struggling like I am … There’s so much I want to do in my life  beyond my 25th birthday.  I’ve accepted he’s gone and accepted that the Craft Shop was the result of his passing, for it would not exist without.  I’m having trouble accepting the Selfishness I’m finding myself feeling … Is it alright for me to be selfish sometimes?  I’m not sure anymore … 

Cheers!  To many more words with you,


Poets write eloquently about war, creating vivid images of severed limbs, crusting body fluids and restless final sleep, using nothing more than a few well-crafted words. Easy enough to jab philosophically from the comfort of a warm winter hearth or an air conditioned summer. But what can a sequestered writer know of frontline realities …?
From Collateral, releasing November 6, 2012. (via ellenhopkins)
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